How-To Upgrade From Free To Paid Listing

FOR VENDORS: If you currently have a Free listing and would like to upgrade to a Paid listing we have 2 options for you.
*Note: Before you start the upgrade process, please make sure you have a PayPal account*
If you don’t then please go here to sign up for one

You will  NOT see your listings in both options right away. All listings have to be admin/Editor approved first so please give us 48 hours window.

OPTION 1 – Create a new listing   and  submit the payment at the end of the process via PayPal. 


Step 1 – Click on Submit Listing Button.
Step 2 – Walk through the steps and create a new listing, select your category.
Step 3 – Select the payment plan option you want to go with. Monthly, 3-month , 6-month or Yearly. Your list gets displayed depending on which time frame you go with. So if you pick monthly, your list will only be displayed for a month.

Monthly = $30
3-Month = $81 (10% off original $90)
6-Month = $158 (12% off original $180)
1-Year = #310 (14% off original $360 – You get a month and a half worth of FREE listing when you sign up for a year!)

Step 4 - Continue with filling out the rest of the Information for your paid listing.
Step 5. Once you reach the end, you will be asked to select a payment. Select PayPal. Once on the PayPal page, enter your information and make the payment.

*Please remember to delete your old basic listing by clicking on VENDORS ( The first top Navigation Bar) – Manage Listing – Select old listing – Hit Delete.* All duplicate listing will be deleted periodically by the Muslim Bride Webmaster.

OPTION 2 – Contact us directly by filling out the form below with the Category and the desired Payment Plan.

We will email you the PayPal information.
Once you receive the information from us  and make your payment at PayPal, we will update your listing from free listing to your desired paid listing and you will be use the additional features.

Please allow 24-48 hours from the time you make a payment to when you can see the additional features reflected in your existing listing.

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    Subject : Directory – Upgrade listing

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    Thank you! JazakaAllahu Khairan for your patience.