The Muslim Bride Special Wedding Feature: Sana and Shahzeb’s Mehndi-Henna Event

  If you are reading this for the first time, please stop and go back to our very first post in this series, which started with Sana and Shahzeb’s Mayoun-Manjha event. Unless you hate the sight of yellow, cultural events, and/or don’t care about wholesome bridal henna application tips. Then it is okay, but seriously we should warn you that it would be like reading the third part in a book series. For t ...

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The Muslim Bride Special Wedding Feature: Sana’s Bridal Henna Application Day

  Next in our series of Sana and Shahzeb’s wedding events is the Bridal Henna/Mehndi application day. We weren’t really sure if this should be included in our feature of main events. But since it included a special dedicated space, chair, table, hair dryers, lots of picture taking, and involved an entire day with a team of bridal Slavelves (singular. Slavelf - a term thought of but not necessarily crea ...

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