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If you are a vendor and would like to list your business in our wedding & special events business directory then you have to go through the following steps. Please know that currently there are 2 kinds of listing options available for vendors:

  1. FREE Listing
  2. Paid Listing  (monthly, 3, 6 and yearly payment options available)

If unsure, you can start with basic and later upgrade it.

  1. TO REGISTER click on ‘Join Free’ or
  2. To see what both listing offer click on the following link:

All vendor registrations like the general user ones are admin approved. Once approved, you will receive a second email from ‘’ stating that your registration is approved. It will also provide you with a ‘password’ that you can then use to log-In. You can reset your password later.

  1. LOG-IN – Use the password that was sent in the email to log back In to the website.
  2. Next Click on VENDOR seen at the very top of page on the Navigation bar. You will be taken to a page where you can submit, view, manage your listing and update your profile.
  3. Select SUBMIT A LISTING – Fill out the form.
  4. Payment Options – When you come to the payment options page, select Basic-Free to create a Free listing or select a payment option to sign up for the premium listing for your business. In this case you will select the paypal button to go the payment page.
  5. In either case, once you are done creating the list you will have to wait for the Admin/Editor to review and accept your listing.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Vendor accounts with fake information WILL NOT be accepted. So please do not enter 12456 for Zip and other required fields. Also make sure your city and country match.  The Muslim Bride LLC has the right to deny registration for anyone who does not submit accurate information.