The Muslim Bride Special Wedding Feature: Sana and Shahzeb’s Wedding Reception

  We continue with Sana and Shahzeb’s wedding feature and share some words and visuals on Sana’s Rukhsati wedding reception. For those of you who have been following this series, we love you and welcome you back. Those who are new, you are most probably confused and wondering if you have accidentally just walked into a South Asian wedding site. We want to assure you that such is not the case. Alhumduli ...

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The Muslim Bride Special Wedding Feature: Sana and Shahzeb’s Mehndi-Henna Event

  If you are reading this for the first time, please stop and go back to our very first post in this series, which started with Sana and Shahzeb’s Mayoun-Manjha event. Unless you hate the sight of yellow, cultural events, and/or don’t care about wholesome bridal henna application tips. Then it is okay, but seriously we should warn you that it would be like reading the third part in a book series. For t ...

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The Muslim Bride Special Wedding Feature: Sana and Shahzeb’s Mayoun/Manjha Event

  Asalaamu Alaikum Everyone! As promised earlier, we are sharing with you our experience of wedding planning and attending our sister and new found brother (also TMB team members') Sana and Shahzeb's wedding events. The events took place in the slightly cold winter of December 2011. If any of you were praying for snow in the third week of December in Michigan and you were sad that it didn't happen, we ...

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Fashion Photography By Rabia Mirza

  We could all use some fashion inspirations as we attend many other smaller events leading up to the main bridal events in the coming weeks and months. To get started, let's look at some beautiful fashion photo shoots done by the talented and aspiring fashion photographer Rabia Mirza. Below Rabia shares with us some of her favorite photographs and tells us a little about her interest in photography and her ...

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A Burmese Bangladeshi Henna and Holud Ceremony By Uzbin Photography

  One thing is clear friends and that is MashaAllah, we have some amazing talented female photographers in our community. Today we want to introduce you to the beautiful work of Uzma Ansari of Uzbin Photography.  One of our favorites is the lady holding the turmeric thali with burning candles. The strong chiaroscuro effects makes it such a great shot in our opinion. Below, Uzma shares with us her wonderful  ...

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Moroccan Wedding Photography By Amna Hakim

                       The Muslim Bride is really gracious to international wedding and lifestyle photographer Amna Hakim for sharing her beautiful traditional Moroccan wedding photography experience.            By Amna Hakim           A few months back S. called me up to photograph her wedding - we exchanged a few details and decided to meet up.  So at this point, all I knew was that it was going to be a M ...

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