Engraved Wooden Rolling Pins With Fun Patterns By Zuzia Kozerska

  As you may or may not know, but we are always looking for unique and awesome gift ideas for you. Something that will hopefully get you a genuine big smile and possible hugs rather than horrible side-glances from your loved ones. Having been part of many a gift giving for bridal and other special occasions we have a very good idea what it feels like in both instances. Let’s just say it’s time to think ...

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Gifts Of The Sultan: Old Traditions, New Ponderings!

  A few months ago, we came across this wonderful exhibition (virtually) that took place at the Museum of Islamic Arts in Doha, Qatar. We had so many great pondering moments that we thought why not let you all join in the fun as well? So the topic of the exhibition was 'The Arts of Giving: Visual stories of Islamic generosity from the seventh century to today.' One particular section that caught our ey ...

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Bridal Beauty Gift Ideas

  We have always felt that looking for a bridal gift can be extremely challenging and for the confused and indecisive kinds, a nightmare. Most of the times you just end up running around the malls in circles feeling hungry and tired. And if you are shopping online then you get distracted by other cool sales and end up buying random unnecessary things for yourself. Well to help you stay focused and make ...

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