Exquisite and Unique Handcrafted Jewelry By Faria Siddiqui

It was love at first sight when we stumbled upon the exquisite handcrafted jewelry pieces by the very talented jewelry artist Faria Siddiqui. Made in America and created with the highest quality of Japanese beads, semi precious gemstones, and delicate Swarovski crystals, each of her jewelry pieces stand on their own as unique and colorful. If any of you are looking to wear vibrant yet different than your ty ...

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DIY | How To Make Hijab Chain & Bobble Tassel Hijab By BubbleGum Hijab

  Our second 'Video Pick Of The Week' is of a tutorial by the very talented and creative UK based Youtuber BubbleGum Hijab. In her video we get to learn how to work on two creative and very easy to follow DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects. First we learn how to create a pretty head chain jewelry out of a pair of earrings and in the second part we learn how to sew a bobble tassel to a hijab. So if you're lo ...

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Real Wedding: Reema’s Mayoun (Part 1)

  We are so excited to share with you the beautiful wedding events of Reema and Asir that took place in Houston, Texas. In this first post, the bride Reema shares with us some words and detail shots of her henna and decor from her Mayoun event. A traditional South Asian cultural wedding event that takes place before the Nikah and main wedding reception. The event traditionally marks the official beginn ...

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Jewelry Creations By Aaraish

    Salaam All! Today we want to share with you the unique, beautiful and elegant handmade jewelry creations by Aaraish which means 'adornment' in the Urdu language. Acording to Fatima Ameen, the artist and creator of Aaraish, these pieces are made using satin fabric, pearls and glass beads. For some, shells, swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones have been used as well. So if any of you are looking to ...

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