The Muslim Bride Special Wedding Feature: Sana and Shahzeb’s Wedding Reception

  We continue with Sana and Shahzeb’s wedding feature and share some words and visuals on Sana’s Rukhsati wedding reception. For those of you who have been following this series, we love you and welcome you back. Those who are new, you are most probably confused and wondering if you have accidentally just walked into a South Asian wedding site. We want to assure you that such is not the case. Alhumduli ...

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The Muslim Bride Special Wedding Feature: Sana and Shahzeb’s Mehndi-Henna Event

  If you are reading this for the first time, please stop and go back to our very first post in this series, which started with Sana and Shahzeb’s Mayoun-Manjha event. Unless you hate the sight of yellow, cultural events, and/or don’t care about wholesome bridal henna application tips. Then it is okay, but seriously we should warn you that it would be like reading the third part in a book series. For t ...

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Majestic Wedding Stages By Professional Party Planners

  There is a lot to consider when setting a stage for any kind of bridal event. Such as the backdrop, the seating arrangements for the bridal couple, the family, the overall décor and ambiance.  An expert event planner would also consider the space around the bridal seating area for a group shot in case it takes place.  A factor that is perhaps overlooked many times when a professional designer or a pe ...

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Purple California Chic By Kismet Events

   Don’t know about you, but after all this snow The Muslim Bride can’t wait for summer to arrive! To give us hope that yes, there will be real sunshine in our future as well as to provide an inspiration to all of you planning a summer wedding, our friend in the west coast, Saadia Kibriya of The Kismet Events sent us these beautiful sunny California multi-ethnic wedding photographs. So sit back, relax, and ...

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