Bridal Hijab Lookbook 2014 By Shumsie’s Bridal Hijabs

  The team at Shumsie's Bridal Hijabs always comes up with really pretty and elegant bridal hijab designs. Their lookbook for this year is again quite wonderful and if you are a fan of Disney, you are going to love it! In the words of Shumsie's team "We all want to be princesses, if only just for a day and what better day to choose to become a princess than your wedding?" Their latest designs are inspi ...

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Bridal Hijab Lookbook By Hijab Stylist Shamma

One popular request from our Muslim Bride sisters has been to share with them the latest bridal hijab styles and ideas on how to wear hijab on the wedding day. Well since this art is a rarity in our nation at the moment and we do not like sad sisters,  we traveled virtually all the way to Male' the capital of Maldives to find you some help and inspiration. Bridal hijab stylist, Shamma of  Shumsie's Bridal H ...

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