Fall And Winter Modest Maxi Dresses And Skirts Collection By D.I.R. Fashion

We really like the latest Fall and Winter modest collection of maxi dresses and skirts by D.I.R. Fashion. It's simple yet elegant & chic. You can check out some of the solid colored maxi dresses and skirts styles from their collection below including some words by the talented designers. To see more skirts with other pretty patterns, please visit their online store. D.I.R. Fashion stands for diamonds in ...

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Top 8 Modest and Trendy Fashion Brands From Isna Bazaar 2014

This year we finally had the opportunity to visit the infamous ISNA Bazaar that took place at Cobo Hall in Detroit, Michigan. It was an interesting occasion to see a bazaar filled with lots of familiar faces including families, friends, and many Muslim celebrities all under one roof. We were pleasantly surprised to see all these popular faces including the giant live mascot of Adam from the Sound Vision’s k ...

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