Moroccan Wedding Photography By Amna Hakim

                       The Muslim Bride is really gracious to international wedding and lifestyle photographer Amna Hakim for sharing her beautiful traditional Moroccan wedding photography experience.            By Amna Hakim           A few months back S. called me up to photograph her wedding - we exchanged a few details and decided to meet up.  So at this point, all I knew was that it was going to be a M ...

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Some Questions To Consider When looking For A Reception Hall

  If you are getting ready to look for venues and have no idea where to start then check out the following list of questions that we put together to help you out. Here are some basic questions and things that you should consider when checking out a venue for your wedding reception: Budget - What will be your budget for the reception hall? This is not including the décor, floral, cake and DJ e.t.c Quantity - ...

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