Bridal And Party Hijab Styling By Shehreen Hijab

  Have you ever noticed how challenging it is for hijabi brides when they have to incorporate both a hijab (head scarf) and a traditional long veil (depending on the ethnicity) into their bridal outfit? From being around and having the pleasure of helping or just staring at these brides in a worry, we have observed two things. One, either the bride will take off the head scarf and just focus on the lon ...

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Fall Makeup Must-Haves By Saleha Abbasi

  Every season calls for a different set of makeup essentials and just like Summer we decided to bring you some more professional makeup must-haves.  For Fall, the makeup must-have recommendations comes from one of the most sought after and beloved Chicago makeup artist, Saleha Abbasi.  Fall Makeup Must Haves By Saleha Abbasi  1. Moisturizer Recommendations: •Shiseido's 'The Skincare' Find it at Shisei ...

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