Bridal Beauty Gift Ideas

  We have always felt that looking for a bridal gift can be extremely challenging and for the confused and indecisive kinds, a nightmare. Most of the times you just end up running around the malls in circles feeling hungry and tired. And if you are shopping online then you get distracted by other cool sales and end up buying random unnecessary things for yourself. Well to help you stay focused and make ...

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The Muslim Bride Special Wedding Feature: Sana and Shahzeb’s Wedding Cake

  Once upon a time, you were a toddler and you loved sitting in your high chair eating that giant piece of chocolate cake. It didn’t matter if it got in your hair, your chair or your clothes. For those few minutes (or hours if you were a slow peaceful eater) it was just you and your favorite chocolate cake. For that brief moment, you were in a sweet happy place. And that is exactly the kind of happines ...

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