Jewelry Creations By Aaraish

    Salaam All! Today we want to share with you the unique, beautiful and elegant handmade jewelry creations by Aaraish which means 'adornment' in the Urdu language. Acording to Fatima Ameen, the artist and creator of Aaraish, these pieces are made using satin fabric, pearls and glass beads. For some, shells, swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones have been used as well. So if any of you are looking to ...

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Fashion Photography By Rabia Mirza

  We could all use some fashion inspirations as we attend many other smaller events leading up to the main bridal events in the coming weeks and months. To get started, let's look at some beautiful fashion photo shoots done by the talented and aspiring fashion photographer Rabia Mirza. Below Rabia shares with us some of her favorite photographs and tells us a little about her interest in photography and her ...

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Saffron Cakes

    Salaam and Jumma Mubarak everyone! Today we bring you sweet and delicious wedding cakes by Saffron Cakes.      Saffron Cakes is a small custom cake catering company based in Atlanta, GA.  Team includes three very close friends that have a knack for creativity and a passion for art, and in this case, the art is cake. Saffron Cakes was officially launched in the beginning of January 2011 but each one of t ...

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